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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Be Kind

Hello all Sophie here,

I'm new to this blog thing, so as my title says 'Be Kind'. I decided to start a blog because I'm a journalist student and this is just what we should do to unleash our voice upon the world- isn't it?!

As my profile shows I LOVE MAGAZINES - hence why I'm studying a degree in journalism :) One day I hope to work within this world and fly into heaven, what I imagine it to be like annddd a lot of hard work, stress, tears but I'm tough and it's what I love :)

Why 'My Blonde Bombshell'? Well, my dad used to call me it when I was little and my hair had yet been touched by the bottle. In this blog I aim to show off my super duper journalistic skills ;) by writing features, reviews and a diary from when I carry out work experience.

So for now I will say goodbye and hope that you will give me a shot, there are good things that come :)

[Photo Taken By: Timothy Alexander Sayer]


  1. welcome to the blogosphere Soph! :)

  2. Thanks Cat :) I thought it was about time to get into it!!