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Monday, 28 June 2010

An American Girl
[Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan]

I first came across her in Twilight and immediately thought she was our very own British beauty, Emma Watson. Since the Twilight phenomenon began, I started to watch other more smaller, indie films that she appeared in. She is of course the American actress, Kristen Stewart.

With 24 films to her name Stewart is only 20 and has millions of fans who adore her, you only have to see footage of her premieres to know that. Despite how popular she is, I find it very sad that people criticise her for how she comes across in interviews. Admittedly she does stutter, pause and cough but doesn’t this just tell you that she is human - everybody gets nervous about something or other. I admire her because without this she wouldn’t be normal. It comforts me knowing that she has a million dollar bank account and that despite all that, she has true feelings and thoughts that everyone can relate too.

When Kristen presented the award for the years horror films at the Oscars this year, with New Moon/Eclipse co-star Taylor Launter, she coughed in between her speech. Kristen hit back at everybody who criticised her for doing this, saying she would rather cough and had been able to finished her speech than not finished at all. People would have moaned a lot more if she had done that. Kristen revealed she wasn’t worried about the cough, however was proud that she didn’t fall down in her heels. I say, Go Kristen! What, should there be a no cough rule now?! Despite this, many praised her for looking beautiful on the night and beautiful she was. She wore a strapless midnight blue silk satin gown by Monique Lhuillier, accompanied by Amantea sandals with criss-cross ankle straps in black satin from Bally.

She’s a smart girl and knows what she is talking about, listening to her in interviews she really gets into the characters mind. She knows exactly what the character would do next. Not only that but she’s bagged a gorgeous boyfriend, her other New Moon/Eclipse co-star Robert Pattinson, who as I’m sure you all know plays the mouth watering, Edward Cullen (sighs, as I gaze up of a poster of Robert on my wall).

I really admire Kristen’s style, although it seems she doesn’t really try too hard but is that not the beauty of her? Stewart’s statement every day wear consists of converse trainers, jeans (usually ripped), a casual tee and leather jacket. Rarely do you see Kristen without her favourite Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses.

So as the American stunner tours the world promoting Eclipse I salute her, she is one cool dudette! Eclipse is released in America on the 30th of June and the 9th of July here in the UK.

[Robert Pattinson with girlfriend Kristen Stewart and co-star Taylor Launter][Photos sourced from google images]


  1. Interesting piece, Soph :) I'm not really a fan of Kristen Stewart, or Twilight (as you know!) and I have read a lot of criticism about Kristen. My only gripe really is that she does seem to complain a lot about her position as a celebrity. I understand it must be difficult, but if someone wishes to be in a franchise like Twilight, they have to accept the consequences.

  2. p.s. Emma Watson is all kinds of awesome!

  3. Thanks Cat :) Oh I love Emma Watson too - she is awesome, your totally right! Yes I get that she needs to accept the consequences, however I do believe that the press are very intense so anyone would react like she does. Your comment are much appreciated :)